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  • Genuine original print of the Times Newspaper for Saturday 3rd January 2009.
  • The paper is in excellent condition and includes all inserts and magazines from the day
  • The headline on the front page of this paper is the one referenced in Bitcoin's genesis block, proving Satoshi created the block on or after 3rd January 2009 (i.e. Bitcoin is not a pre-mine).
  • The newspaper is an extremely rare physical Bitcoin collectible. It is believed there are only around 5 copies in existence.
  • The newspaper copy on sale was obtained by the seller in 2012 and is the exact copy which has been scanned and photographed for the Bitcoin community. For instance it is the one photographed on the Bitcoin Wiki here:
  • This copy was obtained in 2012, from a UK gift website that specializes in selling old newspapers, targeting people who want to purchase an old newspaper as a birthday present for a friend, on the day the friend was born. Typically the gift company only has 5 copies in stock of each paper.

Starting Reserve Price: 850,000,000 sats (8.5 BTC)

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