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Fine Bitcoin Good Submissions Welcome

We plan to eventually open our marketplace to all Bitcoin artists and collectors but it's a big lift and we're a small team with a lot on our plate.

In the meantime, we welcome your submissions as we ramp up our auctions.

Submit details for Ordinal Inscriptions auctions through this form.

Submit details for Counterparty token auctions and sales through this form.

We're interested in all fine Bitcoin goods:

  • Original Bitcoin artwork sold by artists and collectors
  • Bitcoin collectibles. Specifically, Casascius coins, Bitcoin-themed jewelry, unique Bitcoin hardware, and other highly valued Bitcoin collectibles

For all auction listings, the seller's reputable Twitter / BitcoinTalk / etc. profile or website must be linked to the auction page.

Make sure to include with your submission:

  • A link to your reputable profile or website
  • A link to an image of the good(s) you want to sell with today's date handwritten in the image. Use Postimage to generate the link.

Tell us about your goods and we’ll let you know when we’re ready for you 🤙

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