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The End of Fiat Moneii Print

Price increases 250 sats with each Bitcoin block

The original custom framed, full sized digital print was auction here. This sale is for the 20 remaining prints and Counterparty tokens. No future prints or tokens will be sold.

The sale price includes a 21.0" × 14.9" Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching giclee print that will be shipped in a tube, free of additional charge. A fixed supply digital Bitcoin-based NFT will be sent to the buyers' Counterparty address.

The price of the print increases 250 sats with each Bitcoin block height. A maximum of 21 will be sold.

The Work

We all know, money is part of the world's social system. Money cannot be separated from society, because without money, they will have difficulty transacting and interacting, or worse - their existence will not be recognized as experienced in small isolated communities somewhere.

Because money was so important, it was used by rulers and corporations to upgrade their slavery system. As we know after 1971, gold as a backup of a currency, was replaced only by simply "trust" to the government or what we know as fiat currency. Since then, money no longer has sovereignty, money has lost its purchasing power over the basic commodities needed by the people, forcing them to give up most of their part of life to earn more and more money. To a level where they live only to work for fiat money...

But it will end soon, September 7, 2021, is a historic moment, El Salvador a small country that has been underestimated, makes bitcoin a legal tender in their country. El Salvador is a volcanic explosion that will destroy fiat just as the city of Pompeii in the past. Soon we will see, other countries massively start adopting bitcoin and destroy the slavery of fiat currency.

The idea for this poster combines the events of the destruction of the city of Pompeii in the past and El Salvador's plans to mine bitcoin with geothermal energy (from an active volcano).


The Artists

Tizar Berandalan & Choni BDG are from the city of Bandung, West Java - Indonesia. Realizing that surviving as an illustrator in Indonesia will never meet the needs of the family, we learned to understand bitcoin and adopt bitcoin totally.

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