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White Paper Collection: Revolution

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October 21, 2023 3:49:53 PM UTC

500,000 sats

0.005 BTC

October 21, 2023 3:49:54 PM UTC

400,000 sats

0.004 BTC

October 21, 2023 2:53:54 PM UTC

300,000 sats

0.003 BTC

October 19, 2023 11:03:17 PM UTC

200,000 sats

0.002 BTC

October 19, 2023 7:22:33 PM UTC

100,000 sats

0.001 BTC

Hand-printed screenprint series of 21 originals, part of the White Paper Collection.

Many people come for NgU, but most of us stayed for the Revolution.

With the White Paper as our rock-solid foundation – for this artwork and the groundbreaking society we're shaping – and placed above it, an iconic symbol of revolution: Liberty Leading the People.

In this peaceful revolution, Bitcoin stands as our ally in reclaiming our sovereignty.

The White Paper Collection features three unique series of screenprints, each showcasing powerful women who embody three values deeply embedded in the heart of Bitcoin: Freedom, Justice, and Revolution.

This Lot Includes:

Physical Artwork

  • Dimensions: 50cm x 35cm
  • Materials: Ink on Paper
  • Weight: 0.2kg


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