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October 20, 2023 2:49:45 PM UTC

300,000 sats

0.003 BTC

October 20, 2023 3:27:59 AM UTC

100,000 sats

0.001 BTC

Pepecredit is a very exotic 2017 counterparty asset, that long awaited to emerge from dankness into the realm of the Bitcoin community.
The artwork depicts a bankster style Pepe, with a chain watch and a Bitcoin pin in the flap of his tuxeedo; in a crosshatching style with guilloche patterns like a typical banknote.

The physical artwork is an impeccable lithography in matte 100% cotton paper presented in clear acrylic that hold with silver magnets.

This Lot Includes:

Physical Artwork

  • Dimensions: 29x22x6 cm
  • Materials: paper, ink, acrylic, magnets
  • Weight: 0.4 kg

Digital Collectible


  • Supply: 100


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