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“Balaena II - Poetry of Power” # 1/3 Artist Proof

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October 21, 2023 5:37:56 PM UTC

8,500,000 sats

0.085 BTC

October 21, 2023 5:34:07 PM UTC

8,000,000 sats

0.08 BTC

October 21, 2023 5:33:49 PM UTC

7,500,000 sats

0.075 BTC

October 21, 2023 5:33:14 PM UTC

7,000,000 sats

0.07 BTC

October 21, 2023 5:33:02 PM UTC

6,500,000 sats

0.065 BTC

October 21, 2023 5:32:28 PM UTC

6,000,000 sats

0.06 BTC

October 21, 2023 5:31:36 PM UTC

5,500,000 sats

0.055 BTC

October 21, 2023 5:28:23 PM UTC

5,000,000 sats

0.05 BTC

October 21, 2023 5:27:12 PM UTC

3,600,000 sats

0.036 BTC

October 21, 2023 5:28:27 PM UTC

3,500,000 sats

0.035 BTC

October 21, 2023 5:25:16 PM UTC

3,400,000 sats

0.034 BTC

October 21, 2023 4:59:43 PM UTC

3,300,000 sats

0.033 BTC

October 21, 2023 12:42:07 PM UTC

3,200,000 sats

0.032 BTC

# 1 / 3 | A.P. [Artist Proof]
Limited Edition H.M.P. [Hand Modified Print]

Artist: Petek @RadarRayne
Twitter: @RadarRayne

This is a special, fresh release of a highly collectible, super low edition Artist Proof of "Balaena II - Poetry of Power". Winning bidder will receive this unique piece custom framed to perfection with Petek's personal touch.

Scarce Materials:
Multiple layers of 22ct "Moon Gold" gold leaf hand applied by the artist onto museum quality giclée fine art paper.

A.P.s only: Wall Street Cheat Sheet emotions handwritten into the wave: denial, depression, optimism, thrill, euphoria! Only #1/3 has this set of emotions in it.

Artist Proof:
This stunning Artist Proof Collectors Edition of just 3 A.P.s ever, is in fact LARGER than the ltd edition of 101 which was featured at Bitcoin Amsterdam this month. It has exquisite champagne coloured 22ct Moon Gold on it.
Partly inspired by the infamous "Wall Street Cheat Sheet" you will find some of the market's emotions, like denial, anger, optimism, elation, etc, hidden amongst the watercolour waves. Each of the 3 A.P. collectors pieces has slightly different selected emotions - hand written by the artist, in black ink.

Please note: A.P. # 3/3 is already SOLD.

About the original:
This piece goes beyond the iconic symbol of the Bitcoin whale. It is about the emotions of the market we all get to ride when we dive into Bitcoin, whether you’re a market moving whale or a little trader getting tossed about in the waves!

Balaena is the first Latin name given to whales in the order of their species. The original of this artwork is a metallic watercolour, which was painted with finely ground fossilised whale vertebrae, found off the West Coast of South Africa - most likely millions of years old. So you have true prehistoric whale energy infused into this painting. The finished painting was then “charged” with the full Moonlight of the very rare Super Blue Moon (the next one is only in 2037).

There is a smaller sized edition of 101 Ltd H.M.P.s of Balaena II which is hand leafed in Platinum. Only the A.P.s include the Wall St Cheat Sheet emotions and come in 22ct Moon Gold.

Balaena II is an iconic symbol of Bitcoin culture and emotions. This stunning Artist Proof is a powerful, show stopping centre piece, that will stand out in any fine Bitcoin art collection!

This Lot Includes:

Physical Artwork

  • Dimensions: 86 cmH x 106 cmL framed
  • Materials: Multiple layers of 22ct "Moon Gold" gold leaf hand applied by the artist onto museum quality giclée fine art paper. Orange sparkle on the whale tail.
  • Weight: 7kg approx


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