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Lealana Silver 0.25 BTC, 2013

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Satosho Nakomoti

31M sats


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Satosho Nakomoti
August 4, 2021 5:40:34 PM UTC

31,000,000 sats

0.31 BTC

August 4, 2021 4:49:24 PM UTC

30,000,000 sats

0.3 BTC

August 3, 2021 4:38:23 PM UTC

29,000,000 sats

0.29 BTC

August 2, 2021 9:56:18 PM UTC

28,000,000 sats

0.28 BTC

August 2, 2021 8:24:52 PM UTC

27,000,000 sats

0.27 BTC

August 2, 2021 7:03:52 PM UTC

25,000,000 sats

0.25 BTC

This stunning Lealana is comprised of 1/2 oz. pure silver, and loaded with exactly 0.25 Bitcoin. Since it was minted prior to 2017, this coin contains 0.25 BTC, 0.25 BCH, 0.25 BSV, and a number of other Bitcoin forks.

The private key to access the Bitcoin is secured behind a tamper-evident hologram.

This is coin #542 of a limited run of 1000 that were produced in 2013. The coin features a Hawaiian-inspired design that was created by Noah Luis (aka "Smoothie"), the owner and founder of Lealana LLC, based in Hawaii.

This coin comes with a protective coin case.

Coin Details

  • Address 1BTC9Ls9Ugq1uSRX8kCc6QPU3QNKbEizef
  • Loaded on Apr 20, 2015
  • Balance: 0.25 BTC

Reserve Price: 0.25 BTC

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