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The very first NFC Rare Pepe

1.35M sats


Price increases by 2,000 sats with each Bitcoin block

A collectable trading card commemorating the Rare Pepe NFT: ChampagneTNT. Series 25, Card 38. On the back of the card is an NFC chip containing a PIN-encrypted private key containing 100 x ChampagneTNT + 1 signed subasset ChampagneTNT.signed. The last DEX trade puts the value of the tokens contained on the NFC chip at almost $400 USD. The card comes protected within an acrylic frame perfect for showcasing the item. For convenience, the PIN can be set in advance of delivery so that the buyer doesn’t have to deal with setup. Alternatively, the buyer can opt to set the PIN on their own and receive the tokens after delivery and set-up for a more trustless experience. To extract the private key from the NFC chip, buyers will need to install the free app available at:

This Lot Includes:


  • Series 25, Card 38
  • 100,000 issued (150 destroyed)


  • 100 issued

Physical CHAMPAGNETNT NFC-enabled card display

  • Profile: Acrylic with shammy

Additional $30 (in BTC) added for shipments outside of the US and Canada.

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