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On Jan, 11th 2009 Hal Finney tweeted very short and silent one of the most important messages to be ever announced in our digital society. He knew people would read, people would learn. To this day i sometimes go back to his tweet and i am more then happy that the likes and retweets grew each time. Thanks Hal...we read, we listened and we learned.

50% of proceeds will be donated to the ALS Foundation.

This Lot Includes:


  • 210 issued
  • 2500x2500 px

All buyers in this TEST birthday sale receive a special edition subasset.

Payment can be made from any Bitcoin/Lightning wallet or exchange EXCEPT (fake)rarepepewallet or freewallet mobile/web. These wallets do not support native segwit addresses. If you are paying from exchange, make sure to add back any fee the exchange takes out from the payment amount.

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