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Pepenation is the Rare Pepe version of Bitnation with the concept that blockchain solves everything and the perspective that a Rare Pepe card would be worth more than an ICO from that period. was a very early ICO before the major ICO wave dating back to 2014. I was on a a few streams about it that were pretty critical but the card pictures Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof who put up her arguments for Bitnation. The card itself is from Susanne´s appearance on the Keiser Report on the RT network.

Joking on Susanne often smoking a cigarettes or vaping during interviews Element=Cig lol. Nothing against Susanne I regard her has a friend but am still skeptical about Bitnation, however I do agree with a lot of the fundamental problems she is addressing in her talks about Bitnation. Since PEPENATION is a parody of an ICO, it needed to have a huge supply as is per normal for ICOs lol, This is the XPAT token of Bitnation, and I am pretty sure PEPENATION will always outperform it.

-Theo Goodman

The lot Includes:


  • Series 1, Card 4
  • 10,000 issued

Physical PEPENATION card display by XCER

  • Outer dimensions: 7" x 5"
  • Profile: Acrylic

Special edition OPENDIME that holds the PEPENATION token

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