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ENCRYPTPEPE is the newest artwork of Martin Lukas Ostachowski's woven painting series: Weaving Algorithms. In this series, he started exploring algorithms through woven painting patterns. An algorithm can be simplified and understood as a set of instructions. It is comparable to the strict directions one must follow while weaving patterns in fabrics.

The Fake Common is an animation of the digital mockup and the physical original in an edition of 69. MLO wove ENCRYPTPEPE with three of his cloud photos printed on archival paper. The original woven artwork is varnished and will be auctioned together with 1 token during the Frogs>Fiat gallery exhibition in NYC in June 2022.

The lot Includes:


  • 69 Supply

Purchased cards will be distributed after the entire sale has concluded (within 24 hours). If buyer does not provide a valid Bitcoin address for accepting the token they will have 7 days to do so after the sale has ended.


Payment can be made from any Bitcoin/Lightning wallet or exchange EXCEPT (fake)rarepepewallet or freewallet mobile/web. These wallets do not support native segwit addresses. If you are paying from exchange, make sure to add back any fee the exchange takes out from the payment amount.

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