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SATOSH1 x Lady Liberty I.

by ENCODE Graphics

Winning Bid

0 sats


by Dustin D. Trammell

This work, drawn by WILL CONRAD and conceived by PR1MAL CYPHER, marks a milestone for the comic book project ENCODE Graphics, as this series - regardless of the comic book publications - is attributed a special status. It will take on new forms throughout the project, reinterpreted and redesigned by new artists from the comics industry, and always includes the same subject: a threatened Lady Liberty in the arms of SATOSH1; he has something patronizing about it.... security... caring. The savior.

This version is the very first interpretation and was released in early 2021 on the Nifty Gateway platform in a Genesis release. Further information about the project itself can be found here: -- 2021


Sturdy wooden frame
Ivory colored passe-partout
Museum quality print

Dimensions: 15" x 1", 19.5" x 5"

Weight: approx. 1 lbs

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Call the high bidder’s bluff by bidding below them. If they don’t pay the bid amount, you’ll win the auction.

Bidder NameAmount (in sats)Time & Date
Dustin D. TrammellVerified8,500,000 June 5, 2021 9:04:48 PM UTC
DrQ8,000,000 June 5, 2021 9:03:11 PM UTC
Dustin D. TrammellVerified6,500,000 June 5, 2021 9:00:19 PM UTC
DrQ6,000,000 June 5, 2021 8:59:08 PM UTC
Dustin D. TrammellVerified4,400,000 June 5, 2021 8:58:05 PM UTC
Antagonist4ever4,300,000 June 5, 2021 8:57:51 PM UTC
CryptoApe4,200,000 June 5, 2021 8:57:17 PM UTC
Dustin D. TrammellVerified4,100,000 June 5, 2021 8:57:03 PM UTC
Antagonist4ever4,000,000 June 5, 2021 8:56:36 PM UTC
Dustin D. TrammellVerified3,900,000 June 5, 2021 8:54:22 PM UTC
CryptoApe3,800,000 June 5, 2021 8:45:50 PM UTC
Frontrowme3,700,000 June 5, 2021 8:41:28 PM UTC
CryptoApe3,600,000 June 5, 2021 8:40:09 PM UTC
Frontrowme3,500,000 June 5, 2021 8:34:27 PM UTC
Mr_NaRAMotoVerified3,200,000 June 5, 2021 8:31:27 PM UTC
CryptoApe3,100,000 June 5, 2021 8:29:39 PM UTC
Mr_NaRAMotoVerified3,000,000 June 5, 2021 8:26:27 PM UTC
Alternatived2,800,000 June 5, 2021 8:25:37 PM UTC
Mr_NaRAMotoVerified2,700,000 June 5, 2021 8:25:30 PM UTC
CryptoApe2,600,000 June 5, 2021 8:25:08 PM UTC
Alternatived2,500,000 June 5, 2021 8:24:50 PM UTC
Mr_NaRAMotoVerified2,400,000 June 5, 2021 8:24:40 PM UTC
CryptoApe2,300,000 June 5, 2021 8:24:29 PM UTC
Alternatived2,200,000 June 5, 2021 8:24:01 PM UTC
Mr_NaRAMotoVerified2,100,000 June 5, 2021 8:23:46 PM UTC
CryptoApe2,000,000 June 5, 2021 8:24:15 PM UTC
Frontrowme1,900,000 June 5, 2021 8:23:05 PM UTC
Alternatived1,800,000 June 5, 2021 8:22:04 PM UTC
Frontrowme1,700,000 June 5, 2021 8:21:06 PM UTC
Alternatived1,600,000 June 5, 2021 8:19:55 PM UTC
Frontrowme1,500,000 June 5, 2021 8:13:19 PM UTC
Alternatived1,400,000 June 5, 2021 8:09:38 PM UTC
Alternatived1,200,000 June 5, 2021 7:57:29 PM UTC
Mr_NaRAMotoVerified1,100,000 June 5, 2021 7:52:15 PM UTC
Frontrowme1,000,000 June 5, 2021 6:53:25 PM UTC
jdbtc900,000 June 5, 2021 6:50:33 PM UTC
Frontrowme800,000 June 5, 2021 6:49:05 PM UTC
CryptoApe700,000 June 5, 2021 4:32:17 PM UTC
Dustin D. TrammellVerified600,000 June 4, 2021 2:52:55 PM UTC
ViziqueVerified500,000 June 4, 2021 12:19:34 PM UTC
Mr_NaRAMotoVerified400,000 June 4, 2021 6:04:47 AM UTC
Tuur.Crypto300,000 June 3, 2021 6:51:03 PM UTC
Mr_NaRAMotoVerified200,000 June 3, 2021 3:10:12 PM UTC
ViziqueVerified100,000 June 3, 2021 3:07:18 PM UTC

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How It Works


1. Deposit 1% of your bid as collateral and just top it off for additional bids

💥GOD MODE💥 Login to unlock unlimited bids for this auction with a single deposit of 500K sats

💥💥SATOSHI MODE💥💥 Unlock unlimited bids for all auctions after depositing 2M sats

2. The winning bidder has until Monday at 5pm ET to pay their final bid. If they don't, they lose their collateral and the next highest bidder has a chance to pay their high bid.

3. Once the item is paid for, deposits are refunded to the remaining participants. For security reasons, these refunds will be issued the week after the conference.


  • Bids placed in the final 5 minutes of the auction reset the countdown to 5 minutes
  • Auction can't end with a pending bid
  • Onchain bid deposits no longer accepted


The artwork is not at the Bitcoin Conference.

Estimates include insurance. Buyer has the option to decline insurance for reduced rates.

  • US: $50
  • Europe: $50
  • Asia: $50

A shipping deposit of $75 is added to the winning bidder's final balance. The difference is returned to them along with the shipping receipt. For security reasons, these refunds will be issued the week after the conference.




We recommend:

  • Breez Wallet: User-friendly non-custodial wallet. Requires TestFlight for iOS. Tutorial here.
  • Wallet of Satoshi: As easy as it gets custodial wallet with option to connect your own node. Get setup in minutes on Android & iOS. Tutorial here.

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