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The Hodlssey - Island of the Lotus Shitcoin Eaters

by Yonat Vaks

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by CryptoApe

Hodlysseus and the journey back to BIthaca

Part1 - Island of the Lotus Shitcoin Eaters

The Hodlssey tells the story of Hodlysseus, the ultimate Hodlr, and his journey back to Bithaca after the long Fiat wars with perils at sea and vengeful deities.

A Hero’s Journey in 6 parts

*Each part of the story is told through a unique oil painting on a hand made replica of a Roman Wax tablet

*Each Tablet comes with a hand carved stylus made of Mespilus Germánica wood and a handmade leather pouch to keep it in

*Only 6 will ever be made


Wax tablets were used in Ancient Rome as a reusable and portable writing surface. They are panels of wood, tied together, carved out and filled with pigmented bee's wax that form the writing surface.

This replica was made from the cedar of Lebanon. It is a large evergreen tree that has great religious and historical significance in the cultures of the Middle East, and is referenced many times in the literature of ancient civilizations.

A stylus was used to write on the wax surface. One end was pointed for writing and the other end is flattened to act as an eraser by scraping the wax flat again for a tabula rasa ("blank slate").

The stylus is hand carved from Mespilus germanica wood, native only to southwest Asia and south Eastern Europe and grown by the ancient Greeks and Romans, beginning in the second century BC. Its branches are carved while still on the tree, creating beautiful scars on the branch, which is cut off 6 months later.

The Hodlssey begins after the end of the 40 year Fiat wars, from which Hodlysseus, king of Bithaca, has still not returned due to angering the Central Banks, the gods of money.

After decades of fighting the Fiat wars, a strategic invention, Bitcoin, was crafted to change the course of history.

Hodlysseus is a man of outstanding wisdom and shrewdness, eloquence, resourcefulness, courage, and endurance. He is the one best suited to cope with the crises’ brought on by the fiat standard. Hodlysseus’s bravery and skill in fighting are demonstrated repeatedly, in the years to come after the invention of Bitcoin.

And this is how the voyage at sea begins..

Part 1- Island of the Lotus Shitcoin Eaters

Hit by a storm, Hodlysseus and his flotilla were washed up on the shores of the the Island of the Lotus Shitcoin eaters. Eating the plant made one forget one's homeland and mission. The local inhabitants, invited Hodlysseus’ scouts to eat of the mysterious plant. Those who did so were overcome by a blissful forgetfulness; these men weren't strong enough to resist the plant and they would stay on the island for eternity or get rekt at sea trying to escape.

Hodlysseus, possessing strong determination and belief in the quest for the Bitcoin Standard turned down their offer of hospitality. He gathered the rest of his crew back to the ship and they continued their voyage to Bithaca.

Full Info

Materials: Cedar of Lebanon wood (tablets), Mespilus germanica wood (stylus), bee’s wax, coal pigment, oil paint, leather straps

Dimensions: 8.3in x 6in x 0.3in (each side)

Weight: 1 lbs

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