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300K sats


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May 20, 2023 5:36:41 PM UTC

300,000 sats

0.003 BTC

May 20, 2023 5:46:30 AM UTC

200,000 sats

0.002 BTC

Mark Sinclair
May 20, 2023 2:11:41 AM UTC

100,000 sats

0.001 BTC

Made with digital blocks in Ragzy's iconic Byte Candy heart pattern.
About the Artist: Ragzy is a world renowned artist known for her pixel, block, and lego art. She has shown in some of the most elite galleries and museums alongside Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Salvador Dali. She is one of the first fine artists to inscribe ordinals. Her inscriptions date back as far as 52,924.

This Lot Includes:

Inscription #7798769

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