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#90883 + #90892 | Two Bulls

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TWO BULLS is a collaborative project from award winning and international poly artists, LV<A and Ken Forbes Artboy. Reuniting after their showings in Art Basel Miami and fresh off the completion of their Artist residencies with EmpireDAO located at Manhattan’s iconic Germanía Building at 190 Bowery in Soho (previous home to Pop Art legend Roy Lichtenstein), TWO BULLS is a collection of digital hand drawn 1 of 1 artworks that reflects the old famous adage of the Two Bulls - wherein while observing a field of cows, the young bull suggests to the older that they run down and try to court one of the cows. To this, the older bull replies it better if they walk down, take their time, and thus court them all.

In "Two Bulls," LV<A and Ken Forbes visually depict this narrative, paying homage to renowned artists like Warhol, Basquiat, and Lichtenstein, while infusing contemporary crypto culture references. This collection stands as a powerful statement for "Real Art By Real Artists" (RABRA), reclaiming the digital art marketplace from generative art and rug pulls. Discover the fusion of talent and creativity in this remarkable collection that redefines the art world.

This Lot Includes:

Inscription #90883

  • 1 of 1

Inscription #90892

  • 1 of 1

Starting Reserve Price: 21,000,000 sats (0.21 BTC)

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