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“Bart Satoshi” by StoogBootlegs

by Sale by collector: MJ

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by Apples

From maker StoogBootlegs comes one of their limited offerings: “Bart Satoshi”

Fashioned in the style of the original Simpsons figures released in the early 1990s, these “bootlegs” are an updated, fresh take on pop-culture icons!!

Limited to less than 50 total units produced for this specific figure

Comes with figure, backer card, and hand-made custom sticker from the maker.

(Note: Figure/capsule is not secured to card, came this way from the maker.)

Materials: Plastic/Resin

Dimensions: Figure: 3.5 x 1.5 inches // Card: 8.5 x 6.5 inches

Weight: 2.5oz (Figure + Card)

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Bidder NameAmount (in sats)Time & Date
Apples2,100,000 September 26, 2021 6:54:22 PM UTC
BobbyZoo2,000,000 September 26, 2021 6:53:48 PM UTC
Apples1,400,000 September 26, 2021 6:52:50 PM UTC
BobbyZoo1,300,000 September 26, 2021 6:52:24 PM UTC
Apples1,100,000 September 26, 2021 6:51:39 PM UTC
BobbyZoo1,000,000 September 26, 2021 6:51:07 PM UTC
jsteezyVerified800,000 September 26, 2021 6:51:00 PM UTC
Apples700,000 September 26, 2021 6:50:42 PM UTC
BobbyZoo600,000 September 26, 2021 6:50:21 PM UTC
Apples300,000 September 26, 2021 6:49:43 PM UTC
jsteezyVerified200,000 September 25, 2021 1:36:30 AM UTC
BobbyZoo100,000 September 24, 2021 7:26:01 PM UTC

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How It Works


1. Deposit 1% of your bid as collateral

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2. The winning bidder has 4 hours to pay their final bid. If they don't, they lose their deposit(s) and the next highest bidder has a chance to pay their high bid.

3. Once all event items are paid for, deposits are refunded to the remaining participants. Please allow up to 24 hours from auction end.

Complete Details


  • Bids placed in the final 10 minutes of the auction reset the countdown to 10 minutes
  • Auction can't end with a pending bid
  • Onchain bid deposits no longer accepted


Shipping from USA. Estimated costs:

  • US: $15
  • EU: $30
  • Asia: $40

A shipping deposit of $40 is added to the winning bidder's final balance. Once the item ships, the difference is returned to them along with the shipping receipt.




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