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Limited T-Shirt Sale of Alex Schaefer's Wells Fargo in Flames

The root of so many problems in the world today is the money itself, how it’s made, who gets it first and where that is spent. I hear the word “systemic” a lot these days and I’ll say this: the U.S. Dollar is THE Systemic Problem, it is systemic violence and inequality on a local and global scale. The grind of the USD system that the World is trapped in triggers a cascade of problems: depression, addiction, crime, homelessness, racism/xenophobia ad nauseum. Bitcoin is the exit from the collapsing system and the bridge to a never before seen era where the money power is placed in the hands of the People.

-Alex Schaefer


Alex Schaefer was born in Los Angeles, California in 1969 and is an active fixture in contemporary art. He can be found quite often with his art supplies, easel and a canvas on the sidewalks of the bustling city painting streetscapes en plein-air capturing the light and the movement with his outgoing style, keen eye, and skill as a colorist. In 2011 Schaefer gained international recognition for his art with an ongoing series of banks on fire in protest of financial crimes. His oeuvre is wide ranging from traditional plein-air landscapes, cityscapes and street scenes to figurative nudes, portraits and abstract and imagination paintings. His main influences are the painterly “old masters”, the early French Impressionists and the San Francisco Bay area figurative and abstract artists of the 1950’s and the London School.

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