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Bitcoin is The People’s Liberation Army Print

by Tizar Berandalan & Choni Bdg






The original custom framed, full sized digital print was auction here. This sale is for the 20 remaining prints and Counterparty tokens. No future prints or tokens will be sold.

The sale price includes a 12.7" x 18" giclee print that will be shipped in a tube, free of additional charge. A fixed supply digital Bitcoin-based NFT will be sent to the buyers' Counterparty address.

Standard framing is available for additional charge.

The price of the print increases 10,000 sats with each purchase and will be capped at 20.

The Work

Bitcoin is the honest digital currency that will lead mankind to a global revolution in the monetary system.

As a proof of "proof of work", Bitcoin is a honest representation of various human efforts towards prosperity. The harder you work, the more results you will get. That's the logic, and that's how it should be.

However, this is inversely proportional to the conventional monetary system that we have been forced to adhere to so far. We are always faced with inflation problems, with policies that make us fall deeper. The more we work hard, the farther our hopes and aspirations for financial sovereignty will go. The harder we work, the more painful it is for us to feel and realize that we are nothing more than fiat slaves.

Try to imagine how it feels to live in an area in a third world country where infrastructure is still far behind. The economy is running very slowly and the prices for every basic product are getting higher and higher.

So, if you can imagine what it's like to be a citizen of a backward country, you will truly feel the presence of bitcoin as a gift from the Almighty. Bitcoin is blowing new hope on human souls who are dying by the slavery of the banking system. And those of us who have already benefited from bitcoin, will eventually fight this oppression even if we are alone. We Are The Tank Man.

This artwork series captures some of the world's historical events to revive our collective memory about what we can achieve for the advancement of human civilization.


The Artists

Tizar Berandalan & Choni BDG are from the city of Bandung, West Java - Indonesia. Realizing that surviving as an illustrator in Indonesia will never meet the needs of the family, we learned to understand bitcoin and adopt bitcoin totally.

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