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"The Bitcoin Infinity Key" Public Key

Price increases 8,200 sats with each Bitcoin block

The Bitcoin Infinity Key – Public Keys

The Bitcoin Infinity Key is being released as a Private Key/Public Key keypair edition. The Private Key, released in an edition of 21 keys for the 1st Annual Bitcoin Infinity Day (8/21/2021), and the Public Keys, released as a block-time-limited edition on the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper Day (10/31/2021).

The Public Key Edition is only open for 210 blocks (about a day and a half). During this time, you can order a key, once the last of the 210 blocks ticks by, the window closes forever.

At the end of the 210 blocks, the number of keys in this set will be finalized, and each key will come numbered on a plaque and ready for you to hang. The number of your order will correspond to the number of the key you get. The first person to buy will get #1, and the last person to buy will get the last one in the series. Whether you pay by lightning or on main chain, your number will be saved the moment you click “buy” (as long as your transaction confirms within 2 hours of sale end).

This will be the only release of the Public Keys, and this set is strictly limited. The numbering of the edition will be determined by bitcoin block height and bitcoiners. Once the 210th block is mined, the edition will be closed forever.

The keys are inspired by the meme created by Knut Svanholm,“Bitcoin: Everything there is, divided by 21 million”(Video Link) and the original article, released 8/21/20 “Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole”

Materials: Acrylic Mirror, Gold Acrylic Mirror, Black Acrylic Mirror, Clear Acrylic, Muosou Black Pigment Paint

Dimensions: 7.25” x 7.25”

Weight: 12oz

Price: $333 (TBU based on BTC conversion) and increases $5 each block (TBU based on BTC conversion)

Sale duration: 210 blocks

The Public Keys are made to order and will require 4-6 weeks to complete and ship.

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How It Works

U.S. domestic shipping included. $20.00 in BTC shipping cost for international orders.

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