Michael Naples

Price increases 2,200 sats with each Bitcoin block

The Renaissance Rares - a collection of 21 hand-painted works featuring the finest Pepes from history. Each original is tokenized. The full collection is broken out into 3 series of 7 works each. Stay tuned for the rest of series 1 to be released and the new look of series 2. Follow Twitter for updates.

This particular auction is for the token of the THIRD piece in the Renaissance Rares Collection. This beauty features a Pepe in an ornamental orange coat with a translucent lace-layered collar. Her outfit is accessorized with a pearl necklace and subtle headpiece which elevate her presence. She is seated against a complementary deep blue background.

Artist - Michael Naples is an artist from Chicago with a passion for oil paint.

This Lot Includes:
Supply: 21
18 tokens available for sale

This sale is for the RENRARETHREE Counterparty token. The auction for the physical oil painting and 1 of 1 token is here.

This Lot Includes:


  • 21 Supply

Purchased cards will be distributed after the entire sale has concluded (within 24 hours). If buyer does not provide a valid Bitcoin address for accepting the token they will have 7 days to do so after the sale has ended.


Payment can be made from any Bitcoin/Lightning wallet or exchange EXCEPT (fake)rarepepewallet or freewallet mobile/web. These wallets do not support native segwit addresses. If you are paying from exchange, make sure to add back any fee the exchange takes out from the payment amount.

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