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Satoshi Nakamoto - anonymous creator (s) of the decentralized Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and inventor (s) of the blockchain technology.

From a series of 11 unique NFTs & Physical collages


A tribute to the people who defined cypherpunk, described the idea and wrote the code.

Thirty years after, eleven creators of idea and code are putting on masks again, the same masks as in Wired magazine, May 1993.

However, this time the masks take the form of raw painted profiles of the eleven individual faces. Satoshi Nakamoto, the king, who left only his imprint in the code, with his eyes open. On both sides, the creators and ideological founders of cypherpunk, dreaming of digital freedom with their eyes closed.
The title of the series is based on an introduction in which Timothy C. May presents the readers of the Cypherpunks mailing list with the text of The Crypto anarchist manifesto.

Collage is layered between five 2mm thick glasses during framing, this gives the visual a depth of 1 cm, the individual layers cast shadows and the black and white motif acts plastically and hypnotically.

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The lot Includes:

1/1 Liquid NFT created according to hand-painted original collage.
5120x2880 px / GIF / 4,4 MB

Original collage:

  • Dimensions: 13.7x17.7 Inch, 35x45 cm
  • Weight: 4 KG

Currently on exhibition at PubKey NYC

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