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Charcoal & pen on card
21.0 x 29.7 cm

Drooling Ape Bus Club - Series 3, Card 38

DROOLISM is an abstract interpretation of a drooling ape. Blue goo oozes from his mouth as this bored ape looks out at the world from behind the glass, confused, perplexed, lost.

What has this world out there become?

The piece has been professionally mounted & framed in London in a contemporary white wooden frame with black mount.

It is signed & dated by Zima Blue on the reverse

The artwork comes with the 1/70 DROOLISM NFT from series 3, as well as a 1/1 locked NFT sub asset which represents the original artwork - DROOLISM.ORIGINAL

By Zima Blue (2022)

"Little is known about Zima's history. It was said that he started his art career in portraiture, but for Zima, the human form was too small a subject.

The search for deeper meaning caused him to look further. To the cosmos itself"

The lot Includes:


  • DABC
  • 70 Supply

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