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Consensus Process One is a visualization of the algorithm-based, collective decision-making process in which the network agrees upon how a new transaction block is added to the blockchain. The painting is part of my personal Exclamatory Intermezzo series, which also portrays the three countries I lived in up to this date. In this context, the three painting layers represent the past, a hardly visible opaque background, for my fading memories of Poland; the present, the main visible layer, for my formative years in Germany; the future, woven stripes, for my experiences living Canada for ten years. This layered concept serves me as a canvas and a base for new paintings exploring blockchain technology, each always manifesting like a living being: coming with a past, a present, and a future.

Consensus Process One is 18 x 24 inches consists of three layers and comes with a frame and shatterproof archival-grade acrylic. The primary layer has 1,064 laser- and hand-cut holes and 532 individually-woven strips conceptually representing my proof of work.

In my current body of work, Network of Hope, I explore the blockchain through the subject of clouds in both physical and digital mediums. Clouds are constantly transforming like Bitcoin, adding blocks and representing intangible value. At the same time, they capture the fragility of the Bitcoin network. If we collectively decided to no longer maintain the network and disconnect our nodes one day, the entire network and value could dissolve like a cloud.

Note: the last video shows the making-of process of another series piece.

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