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Bitcoin Relief Sculpture on a Pedestal. (BTC_TROPH_3)

Mixed media technique including cement and golden paints varnished with brushes, aerosol paints, and inks. Size: 6.29 x 4.33 x 1.96 inches (Height x Width x Depth) 16 x 11 x 5 cm (Height x Width x Depth)
The artwork is signed on the back with a marker and comes with a registered certificate of authenticity hand-signed by the artist.

BONUS: 1 pack of stickers from the artist for each order.

SHIPPING: Sent with maximum protection and delivered to the buyer with a signature, along with a tracking number.


Pioneer of Bitcoin art in France, the artist is known under the pseudonym 'SHOOT THE BANK' since the period of the 2008 subprime crisis. He paints and pastes in the streets of major cities, sometimes with the international support of participants in the Shoot The Bank project. He has participated in numerous urban art exhibitions, some of which were socially engaged, such as the first Meetup Bitcoin Paris, exhibitions like 'Silence is a lie' in Berlin 2012, 'From Paris to Berlin,The Walls Have a Voice' in 2013, the first Street Art Show in Marseille in 2014, and many other events and collaborations. More information at:
His works and street collages have been referenced and featured in TV documentaries such as the one on Goldman Sachs (Arte Europe), rap music videos (with millions of views), graffiti and street art books (Geo, Paris street art, Paris Tonkar under the pseudonym Orsay Cts during the 80s-90s graffiti art scene in Paris), the book "Les Murs Revoltés" (The Revolted Walls), several street art artists' books, press articles, etc.
Find out more by visiting the following sites: Instagram: Shoot the bank website (work in progress): Personal website: Street photos gallery (2009-2014): Artworks photos gallery:

BIO: Born in 1973, JP Malot, aka Shoot the Bank, attended a school of artistic and technical drawing for two years. However, finding the school too academic for his taste, he left and returned to his passion for spray painting, working on parade decorations, fashion storefronts, and palisades during a graffiti expo at the gallery of Agnes B, in addition to exploring wastelands, which were somewhat of a cult at the time.
Influenced by the biggest graffiti artists during his teenage years in Paris (Steph, Jonone, Futura 2000) and by the books "Subway Art" and "Spray Can Art" by the late 80s and early 90s, he was also attracted to the drawings and sketches of the great masters. He became increasingly interested in the abstract work of Paul Jerkins and its colors, and today, he fully embraces the underground culture. His current influences range from pop art, graphism, and fashion to his journeys, from which he brings posters from the streets to incorporate into his pieces.
His techniques are mixed, combining collage, aerosol, painting, stencil, serigraphy, markers, acrylics, drawings, and sculpted objects like bitcoin and his bitcoin grenades in pop colors, which he posts in the streets or sticks to other objects, using visual and pseudonyms as diverse tags or signatures to mislead his followers and meet his need to hide while creating new concepts and sometimes enigmas for the fans of street art.
His work can be found in cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Palma, Malaga, Marbella, Ibiza, Napoly, Glasgow, Lagos, Amsterdam, Edinbourgh, Beijing, Sao Paulo, as well as among amateurs and collectors of urban and bitcoin art in the world.

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