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TGBEX physical coin - 1 bitcoin (UNLOADED & UNNUMBERED)

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TGBEX physical coin - 1 bitcoin (UNLOADED & UNNUMBERED)

There were 100 of these unnumbered TGBEX 1btc coins made in response to a few people asking for 'DIY' coins, though TGBEX Limited never retailed the coins before the company closed in 2016.

The coin could/ can be engraved with a private keys (single/ multi/ 2-factor authentication keys) and used to hold bitcoin (of 1btc, or indeed any bitcoin amount).

TGBEX Limited operated between 2014 and 2016 and was the first fully licensed and regulated retailer of physical bitcoins. It was founded in the wake of Casascius being shut down by over regulation (though ultimately suffered the same fate).

The coins are arguably the most detailed physical bitcoins made, being designed to be hard to copy/ fake.

TGBEX brought bitcoin to a wider market and changed the lives of those that believed in it..

The coin comes in a protective casing and original packaging (unopened) with a classic TGBEX presentation box, in sleeve, signed by the founder.

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