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BTCC Mint - 2018 V Series Titanium One Tenth Bitcoin #714

15M sats


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A rare BTCC Mint item: 900 of these were made, this one being #714

2018 V Series Titanium coins are the ideal physical bitcoins. Created with pure spacecraft-grade titanium, these are unique in their design, and nearly impossible to counterfeit, making BTCC Mint coins the ultimate collector’s item.

This Mint coin comes direct from the BTCC Pool - newly mined, uncirculated, and limited in quantity. Released in June, 2018.

BTCC Mint coins are physical coins with digital currency inside them, intended to serve as collectible physical representations of bitcoin. Underneath the tamper-evident orange hologram sticker on the reverse of the coin is the private key, which can be scanned to import the bitcoin into any online wallet that supports the bitcoin private key format.

BTCC is fairly unique because they have also run one of the biggest mining pools. They use this to fund their coins directly from the block reward. This means that these mint bitcoins do not have any previous history.

This item comes in an acrylic case and a black BTCC leatherette etui.

Serial number: W00714 // 12spGGJcf5W1hmS2e4jv32Z866YbZ5FfV1

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