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Bitcoin Bhavacakra Certificate of Authenticity

SHA-256 Hash: 0a1243837b44ca62086434d3712cafffa6cd45b6999ec4de5818f76812d45161

How It Works

The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is linked to an NFC tag attached to the artwork. Anyone can see the COA's details by scanning the tag with their mobile device however, the content of the tag is locked so that, under no circumstance, can the artist's credentials be removed.

The COA contains general artwork details, including title, artist name, artist signature, medium, dimensions, edition number, total editions, and images.

The COA also contains a 'Creator Address' which is a public Bitcoin address owned by the artist. Only the artist can prove they are the work's creator by signing a message with the address' private key.

The COA has been included in a Bitcoin transaction through to prove the document existed, in its exact form, prior to its recording to the blockchain. Anyone can upload the COA and its corresponding .ots file to verify the timestamp.

Scarce City and the artist broadcast the COA's unique SHA256 hash through their website and social channels so that anyone can verify the COA's authenticity. If you are presented with a COA that generates a hash that differs from the broadcasted hash, the COA is not authentic.

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