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Proof of Bitcoiner T-shirts

by Chris Tramount

Artist designed Bitcoin & Pepe t-shirts. Only purchasable with bitcoin.

We’re proud to officially announce the launch of our Fine (physical) Bitcoin Goods marketplace. The first of many goods to be offered are Bitcoin and Pepe, artist designed t-shirts.

Whether the or 🐸 is your meme, you want Bitcoin tokenized proof of authenticity for your threads, or you appreciate sats-back on your purchase for owning a specific Bitcoin NFT, there’s a t-shirt for you.

And we’re keeping the normies out by only selling them for bitcoin. Send bitcoin from any mainchain or Lightning wallet, or even from exchange.

All shirts are made from superior Prima cotton, employ eco-friendly water-based inks for the highest quality direct-to-garment print and are proudly cut and sewn in the USA.

Inspect the marketplace goods and choose your self-sovereign threads.

Are you a Bitcoin or Pepe artist or brand with a t-shirt ready design? Submit the details here and we’ll consider adding it to the marketplace. We handle ALL logistics from there.

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