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Scarce City NFT.NYC Events Part-2: Ord.City Takes Over Pubkey ⚪️

by Chris Tramount

MOAR Rare Bitcoin Goods at NFT.NYC Pubkey

A few days ago we announced our 3rd annual PEPE is ART exhibition which will showcase historic and modern Counterparty Pepe artworks in physical form, April 11-13 at 72 Warren St in Tribeca NYC.

We're now ready to announce our 2nd exhibition, also happening during the same Tuesday - Thursday dates of NFT.NYC...


Address: 85 Washington Place NYC

An IRL exhibition of Ordinal Inscriptions, dare I say the first 👀

Graffiti in the sacred blockspace of the Bitcoin timechain is not enough. Our Ordinal dedicated site, Ord.City is taking the vandalism to Manhattan's favorite Bitcoin bar. The walls of Pubkey will be covered in early, beautiful and dumb Ordinal Inscriptions.

Featured artists and collections include Anti NFT Maxis, DARKFARMS1, Diamond Finger, Inscribed Pepes, Joe Looney, Luis Simo, Michael Naples, Ordinal Diamond, Ordinal Loops, Ordinal Smokes, OrdinalGoro, Ordinally, ORDROTHKOs, Pepe Flyers, Proof of Living, Rare Scrilla, The Dan Files, Timechain Collection, VIRIDISIX, Viva La Vandal, and XCPinata.

Come hang out with us April 11 - 13, starting at 1pm, at 85 Washington Place NYC to experience Bitcoin degeneracy at its finest.

A few special events to plan around:

  • Tuesday, April 11 at 7 - 9pm ET: Bitcoin Arts and Culture meetup. RSVP here.
  • Wednesday, April 12 at 5 - 10pm ET: Private event; no public admittance
  • Thursday, April 13 at 5pm+ ET: Live coverage of auction endings followed by Rare Pepe Scientist Party

All exhibited Inscriptions will be up for auction. Bidding is open to anyone in the world with an internet connected device but there ain't nothin like the IRL thing baby.

Auction links will be published leading up to the event. Get in the Ord.City Discord and sign up for our newsletter below to see them first.

Scarce City NFT.NYC Events Part 3 will be published soon with details about another Rare Bitcoin Goods exhibition and auctions coming to NYC.

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