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Introducing Club Lit

by Chris Tramount

If you’ve been following us recently, you may have seen us blogging about how Lightning will put Bitcoin in the hands of the masses and its potential to offer the internet we were promised.

You may be wondering why an ecommerce marketplace is blogging so much about Lightning?

The reason is we think we can use the L⚡T Network to create new types of ecommerce experiences while boosting its adoption for the greater good.

We’re ready to test some of those goods in our next drop.

The drop will only be open to Lightning users. Specifically, those with access to their Lightning Node Public Key. Drop customers (ahem...members) will use their Key to stack sats and pseudonymously vote for a Bitcoin developer to receive drop proceeds.

Think of it as a club. Club Lit, that is.

Club Lit isn't meant to be exclusive though. We're here to walk you through the velvet rope.

If you're not already a Lightning node-running member, check out Breez. Here’s a BTC Sessions tutorial on how to use it and a quick clip on how to find your Node Public Key. Membership dues can be paid on chain but if you want to save on fees, have at least $35 worth of BTC in your Breez or other preferred Lightning wallet, ready to spend.

Breez is in beta so iPhone users need to install TestFlight (literally press a couple buttons) and there is some risk of losing sats. The wallet has worked great for us and if you have any issues, Breez Support is mega on top of things.

So if you’re one of those Bitcoiners who’s watched Lightning from the sidelines and been like, yeah that future of commerce stuff is cool but I’m too lazy to download a wallet and throw it some sats, now’s the time to take your Bitcoin citizenship to the next level by becoming a Club Lit member.

What are we selling? We’re saving the details for the drop but expect an uncensorable social experiment that comes with a provably authentic Club Lit membership t-shirt. Members will be eligible for Bitcoin and Bitcoin NFT giveaways as well as future exclusive drops and discounts.

Hint: If you want your membership t-shirt in pure form, you'll need to buy at the drop:

Wednesday, Sept. 2 around 22:00 UTC (4pm ET)

Oh, and the price increases with each sale so make sure to sign up for our mailing list and turn on notifications for our tweets 😉

Beyond that, the only promise we can make is that it will be reckless and it will be L⚡T.

There's no way we would've figured this out on our own. Special thanks to:

Ryan Gentry for planting the LN node as a pseudonymous ID seed in our pleb brains🌱

Alex Bosworth for showing us what it looks like through Y'alls👀

JD from Sparkshots for teaching us that Lightning invoices expire 🤦‍♂️

Pseudozach from Kriptode for politely informing us that our original design was kinda weak😀

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