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The Sound Money LP, available exclusively through Scarce.City is a limited edition vinyl record focused on bitcoin culture. The songs are a combination of high production samples and lyrical raps that take the listener on a trip down the bitcoin rabbit hole if they listen closely. The first 21 of 100 total copies are signed, hand numbered, and come with a 1 of 1 NFT displaying the edition number and unique Pepe drawing. The NFT will be issued from DJPEPE Counterparty asset and appear as DJPEPE.SOUNDMONEYLP01-21. Each album includes a high quality digital album download as well.

Rare Scrilla (aka DJ J Scrilla) is an artist, music producer, and DJ specializing in Bitcoin-related content. Scrilla recently produced and did the cover art for top selling albums “Pyrex Picasso” by Benny The Butcher, “Genesis 1:27” with Rome Streetz and ANKHLEJOHN, and more. He’s been heavily involved in the crypto art and music scene since 2014. He also designed the Rare Pepe Wallet logo, created over 30 of the Rare Pepe cards from the 2016/2017 era, and has gone on to have his crypto art collected by hundreds.

Sound Money
1. 21Million
2. Sxtxshx Nxkxmxtx
3. Dream Of Empire ft. Rome Streetz
4. Internet Money
5. Dark Market ft. ANKHLEJOHN
6. Choyna
7. Faith In My Money (Money Printer Go Brrr)
8. Bullish
9. Not In Yer Wallet
10. Peer2Peer ft. Fleetwood DeVille & K-Beta

The first single, “Dark Market” featuring ANKLHEJOHN was dubbed a top 5 single of the week by premiere hip hop site INSOMNIAC MAGAZINE. The album also features Rome Streetz, K-Beta and Fleetwood Deville, each delivering powerful Bitcoin-related raps. The album also features 7 songs sans rap, with Scrilla splicing together samples, scratching records, and adding his signature effect sounds over gritty, raw production. Sound Money features a constant stream of Bitcoin themed songs dealing with Satoshi’s identity, China’s bans, miners, cypherpunk philosophy, banker corruption, decentralization, the dark web, and more.

The songs are all original music and not parody tracks. The album was started in Fall 2019, released in mid April 2020 and it is currently streaming everywhere you enjoy music. This is the first time the full album is available on vinyl in its entirety.

Music from “Sound Money” has been featured on:

  • Marty Bent’s Tales From The Crypt
  • Vlad Costea’s podcast,
  • Cryptograffiti’s promo video for his 2021 Billboard Campaign,
  • BraveNewCoin Podcast,
  • Citadel 21 Magazine,
  • The Tatiana Moroz Show, and more...

The price includes world-wide shipping.

Starting reserve is .005 BTC

The highest bidder receives edition #1, the second highest bidder receives #21, and the bidders 3-21 receive editions #2 through #20.


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