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Series 1 Original 5 BTC Casascius Physical Bitcoin

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One uncirculated Original Series 1 5 BTC Casascius physical bitcoin (S1-COIN-5) with public address 1CWue74t8eeQTqXKHinnyE7XehrWh8bmw4

The Series 1 Original coins are the coins with the screenprinted firstbits on the hologram with the misspelled "Casascius" lettering in the tiny print of the hologram background.

Find out more about Casascius Physical Bitcoins here:

These coins were minted prior to any Bitcoin hard forks, therefore the private key stored within not only controls 5 BTC of value, but also 5 BCH (Bitcoin Cash), 5 BTG (Bitcoin Gold), 5 BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), 5 BTD (Bitcoin Diamond), and 5 of any other current or future hard forks of the Bitcoin blockchain or any of their derivatives. Not to mention, it's a really neat looking coin.

Casascius Coin tracking information:

Proof of Stored Value:

To verify any stored value on any other forked Bitcoin blockchain, simply search for the public address 1CWue74t8eeQTqXKHinnyE7XehrWh8bmw4 in that chain's block explorer.

Starting Reserve Price: 6 BTC (600,000,000 sats)

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