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March 16, 2023 7:12:33 PM UTC

600,000 sats

0.006 BTC

March 16, 2023 7:08:52 PM UTC

500,000 sats

0.005 BTC

March 16, 2023 3:41:32 PM UTC

400,000 sats

0.004 BTC

March 16, 2023 10:58:40 AM UTC

300,000 sats

0.003 BTC

March 15, 2023 3:37:47 AM UTC

200,000 sats

0.002 BTC

March 14, 2023 7:51:11 PM UTC

100,000 sats

0.001 BTC

The world of investing is a challenging and ever-changing environment, and those who wish to succeed in it must have a variety of skills and attributes. The Pepe investor is one such individual who exemplifies these traits. The Pepe investor is a person who possesses a shrewd and cunning mindset, always on the lookout for a good investment opportunity. They are constantly scanning the market, day and night, hoping to catch an upward trend and maximize their returns.

Furthermore, the Pepe investor is well-versed in the tricks of the trade and has a clear understanding of the moves necessary to achieve success. They know when to buy and sell, when to hold on, and when to cut their losses. This knowledge helps them turn a profit and rise above the market's volatility.

This Lot Includes:

Physical Artwork:

  • Dimensions: 14 x 35 inches
  • Materials: Metal sculpture - Nuts


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