Bitcoin Penny™ Manhole Cover No.6 / TEN — Street Edition: Yellow Stripe (1/1)

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July 28, 2021 7:01:09 PM UTC

100,000,000 sats


The Bitcoin Penny™ Manhole Cover is the World's Largest Physical Bitcoin!

This world record-smashing masterpiece was an ultra top secret, special limited edition, art project originally conceived by The Bitcoin Penny Company to be the world's largest, solid metal, physical bitcoin. Abandoning all sanity in search of the perfect medium, they finally chose to create this spectacular beauty from a genuine, full-sized, custom-designed…MANHOLE COVER! Made of the strongest 100% recycled cast iron and poured in an authentic cast iron foundry, this physical bitcoin marvel is industry-rated for commercial use on actual US roadways!

Originally announced as a ninja drop in November 2017, The Bitcoin Penny Company released a limited number of only 10 Manhole Covers (serialized) + 3 factory overrun (non-serialized) pieces. They sold out quickly with TBPCo. keeping the final three pieces (#6, #9, and Factory Overrun #2) in reserve for a future special project. And that project is finally here!

This auction’s featured Manhole Cover (No.6 / TEN) is the first of only THREE pieces exclusively designed and made for the collectors at

Each piece will be a unique 1/1 piece, painted and/or decorated in a true “street theme.”

Our 1st piece, titled Street Edition: Yellow Stripe (1/1) has all the road-worthy features of a genuine urban manhole cover including its yellow stripe (authentic traffic striping paint) and several random street treasures such as a lost penny (2017 Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coin), a wad of old chewing gum (handcrafted from fine porcelain), and a discarded bitcoin ATM receipt (printed on waterproof 8mil synthetic paper). And just for fun, all those little street treasures are affixed to magnets so the proud owner of this 1/1 art piece may arrange them however, and as many times, as he or she enjoys! Plus, the bitcoin ATM receipt will feature all the real information from the actual funding of this art piece, so it doubles as a Certificate of Authenticity!

(NOTE: The pictured ATM receipt is a prototype only. The actual ATM receipt will be printed upon funding at the end of auction.)

Year: 2017 / 2021

Mint Mark: SN (Script)

Material: 100% Recycled Cast Iron + .999 Fine Copper (5" Disc)

Finish: Antique "Oil-Rubbed Bronze" Powder Coat

Size: 23.75" Diameter

Weight: 49 lb.

Security: Anti-reverse steel bolts conceal the private key.

Public Address (funded after delivery): 1EPiCxJVeU4Sf4rpna1ttXa11QkQ9C4MHj

Private Key: Hand-scribed on underside of secure copper disc.

BTC Value: This art piece will arrive funded with exactly .01 BTC.

Starting (Reserve) Price: 1 BTC

What are people saying about this epic work of art?

This is without question mad, unique, crazy and of course very cool! — Member,

This thing is absurd and I love it. Bravo. — Member,

[T]his might be most ambitious project in physical crypto history. — Member,

I think I'm in love..... these are superb!!! — Member,

I want one. — Member,

holy shit. — Member,

wow! totally badass! — Member,

Would be a pretty amazing item to have in your collection. — Member,

Just amazing. — Member,

BitcoinPenny always delivers the goodness!! — Member,

The project is amazing and quite innovative...most people just re-hash the same pseudo-quality concepts. — Member,

This concept is absurd, in the best way. I'm not surprised to see this coming from [Bitcoin Penny], either. — Professional Coinmaker & Member,

Nothing short of crazy and amazing at the same time...[Bitcoin Penny], you are a legend. — Member,

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3. Once the item is paid for, deposits are refunded to the remaining participants. Please allow up to 24 hours from auction end.


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