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Casascius 0.5 BTC, Loaded, ICG-graded MS64

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55M sats


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March 23, 2022 12:05:59 AM UTC

55,000,000 sats

0.55 BTC

March 23, 2022 12:06:00 AM UTC

52,500,000 sats

0.525 BTC

March 22, 2022 8:58:09 PM UTC

50,000,000 sats

0.5 BTC

An opportunity to own and to hold through a gorgeous physical object 1/42 millionth of all the Bitcoin that will ever exist!

An opportunity to own a great example of a loaded, graded Casascius 0.5 Bitcoin coin!

Coin Info: Shortbits: 124HSc3m. Options for checking out this particular coin: casasciustracker, uberbills, and on the blockchain

...and for anyone not as familiar as you'd like to be with these coins:

Grading: Graded by ICG as MS64, the coin is in a good condition - check IGC certification (check that the Coin CTN matches the serial no. on the capsule in the photo).

Scarcity: Every time someone peels and 'redeems' one of these, the remaining loaded coins get one coin more scarce (as of writing, 2281 of these brass 0.5s are still active).

Hodl-method diversification: Have you considered diversifying how you hodl your bitcoin? The pros and flexibility of holding by means your own off-line private key generation, of managing keywords, of using multisig setups and off-line signing etc. are counterbalanced by the complexity and everything you have to get right: i) not to lose access to your own coin; ii) to ensure nobody else gets access to it! Are you still ‘hodling’ on an exchange?!

In contrast, with a Casascius coin*, securing that part of your bitcoin becomes as simple as securing any other physical objects such as precious metals, jewellery, art etc.

Providence: I acquired this coin directly from Mike Caldwell and there is a PDF of an email digitally signed by Mike Caldwell of the original coin batch dated 6th April 2013 available on request to bidders. I gifted it and it remained in the recipient's possession until now.

Me: Actively involved in, and advocate for Bitcoin and the promise of blockchain for almost a decade. Active Bitcoin Twitterer @Bitgeiniog will vouch for my and this listing’s authenticity.

Un-traceable: There is no record on the blockchain of the movements of this coin since it was loaded - and there will be no record on the blockchain of the transaction between me and the auction winner (reporting assets to tax authorities etc. being our own responsibility).

Forks and air-drops: loaded prior to the first fork, all BTC forks (and forks of forks) and airdrops, past and future, apply to this coin.

Located in the USA: this coin already shipped from the UK and is ready in Delaware for easy and UPS Express delivery or collection to US buyers.

* Assuming Mike Caldwell's security processes (and the coin since) were not compromised.

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