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2016 Titanium V Series BTCC, Half Bitcoin

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60M sats


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January 19, 2023 7:48:00 PM UTC

60,000,000 sats

0.6 BTC

January 18, 2023 10:41:03 AM UTC

57,500,000 sats

0.575 BTC

January 17, 2023 8:35:39 PM UTC

55,000,000 sats

0.55 BTC

2016 Titanium V Series BTCC, Half Bitcoin (0.5 BTC)

Serial #: T00493

Address: 1PxjHXx4YEyUejzmM3Xzf8zq8kQWTvqNQM

Block Height 445382
2016-12-27 07:13
tx #: 51256caa59dbc44d07578281978a9a29075e32acbb04691f1ca214943f457fbe

Originally purchased as part of a roll. Ships in plastic case.

Starting Reserve Price: 50,000,000 sats (0.5 BTC)

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