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Cypher Diaries: OPSEC Facemask

Dropped & Live!

Drop Highlights

  • Price increases $1 with each sale
  • Lottery to receive $50 in Bitcoin after every 10 sales

Our debut gear is a collaboration with Otto from Cypher Diaries.

Otto is a digital time traveler from the year 2028 sharing his diaries to warn us of the impending Money Wars.

Cypher Diaries tells the story of how Otto went from being a regular Metaverse immersed kid in Queens to fighting for Bitcoin on the front lines of the Money Wars.

He hopes his story will convince more people from our time to fight for Bitcoin so that his dystopian reality can be avoided.

You can follow his adventures on his website and Twitter account.


$3.00 shipping outside of the United States

Official Front Line Fatigues

You've been waiting your entire life for this moment. When wearing a mask in public is not only socially acceptable but encouraged.

The Cypher Diaries OPSEC Facemask filters out microbial and fiat viruses so you can focus on spreading the Bitcoin virus.

It's reversible for extra tight security. Show the ฿ among your tribe and maintain OPSEC when surveillance drones fly by.

The fabric is a breathable 95% polyester, 5% elastane that is washable and reusable.

Check it with Artvive's mobile app (Android, iOS) for an AR Vegeta power boost to the moon.

The Scarce City Special Sauce

Input a Bitcoin address into the Item Bitcoin Address field. To maintain privacy, make sure it is unique and not reused.

The address will be:

  • Added to the transaction table below with your order number
  • Recorded in Arweave's permaweb (linked from Item Bitcoin Address in transaction table)
  • Printed on your facemask
  • Sent bitcoin lottery winnings

What does this mean?

  • Your facemask ownership is permanently recorded through an Arweave transaction
  • Early customers pay less. The facemask price increases $1 with each sale.
  • Rewards from future sales. For every 10 verifiably sold facemasks, your address can be selected in a lottery to receive $50 in bitcoin.

See How It Works in the video below.

Only Bitcoin and Lightning are accepted for payment. Because each transaction is added to Arweave’s permanent ledger, payments must be permanent.

18 Cypher Diaries: OPSEC Facemasks have been sold so far.

#Item Bitcoin Address

How It Works

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