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The Satoshis.Place Takeover

When you purchase a Club Lit Members Only T, we take snapshot of Satoshis.Place canvas and print it on your t-shirt.

To prove its authenticity, your Order # and Lightning Node Public Key (encrypted for privacy) are stamped on your t-shirt's canvas, displayed in the Transaction Table below, and recorded in Arweave’s permaweb.

Why Arweave? We plan to make your t-shirt ownership proveable through Bitcoin-based NFTs. If we fail, someone else can use your Arweave transaction to finish the job.

For every 10 shirts sold, members submit a Lightning invoice to receive up to $5 in bitcoin and vote for a Bitcoin developer to receive the remaining proceeds.

The only requirement is a Lightning wallet with access to the Node Public Key. Get setup in minutes by installing Breez and following these instructions to access your node key.

Breez is in beta so iPhone users need to install TestFlight (literally press a couple buttons) and there is some risk of losing sats. The wallet has worked great for us and if you have any issues, Breez Support is mega on top of things.

Hesitatators get rekt. The Club Lit Members Only T price increases 10¢ after each purchase.

The t-shirt is made from 99% combed and ring-spun cotton, 1% polyester and pre-shrunk so expect it to fit true to size.

Run your Lightning Node Public Key through the SHA256 hash generator to verify your hash in the Transaction Table below.

Only Bitcoin and Lightning are accepted for payment. Because each transaction is added to Arweave’s permanent ledger, payments must be permanent.

7 Club Lit Members Only Ts have been sold so far.

#Encrypted Lightning Node Public Key

How It Works

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